Mission Statement & Vision

Mission Statement & Vision

At Luna Concepts, our mission is simple:
To deliver the highest quality multilingual services possible, on time, every time.

Quality and Precision for Each Project

It's just that simple. Regardless of the project, we offer a knowledgeable staff that can answer your questions in an honest and up-front manner. When it comes to quality, we strive for nothing less than the best. We make every effort to complete each project with the same quality and care that we would demand. Our goal is to exceed your expectations on each project we deliver.

Our Industry Vision

The internet has created a seamless network with no geographic boundaries. Now let us tackle the last remaining boundary — language. So whether your project is internet based, or of a more traditional means, let us assist you in creating a project with truly no boundaries.

Think Globally

With the advent of e-commerce web sites, even companies that don't directly sell their products or services online can benefit from product localization. By localizing packaging, instruction sheets, signs, brochures, etc. you can expand your business to markets which are seemingly endless.

Act Locally

Our use of the Internet via our web site, ftp site, and email has allowed us to feel like a local agency even if we are thousands of miles away. We can exchange files electronically over the Internet to insure that your project flows as smoothly as possible.

Comments or Suggestions?

We welcome your comments, and encourage you to give us feedback.