Name Evaluation Services

Name Evaluation Services

Have a product or concept that you want to launch overseas? Check with our native language specialists. They will evaluate your concept, while keeping in mind the cultural sensitivity of the target location. Some things are far too important to overlook.

What is a Name Evaluation?

A Name Evaluation is the process in which a Native Language Specialist evaluates a client's product or concept name to determine any potential cultural or linguistic issues that may arise with this product name in a particular target country.

The Process

Your proposed product name or concept is given to a Native Language Specialist for that particular target country. This specialist will then breakdown the proposed name, and give you feedback based on the complexity of the name's pronunciation, spelling and meaning (if any). All of this information will be held in complete confidence based on a strict Confidentiality Agreement between you and Luna Concepts.

Translation Blunders

Even Fortune 500 companies can make mistakes which could have been avoided with a proper Name Evaluation. Here are some genuine examples of mistakes that have gone public:

"Bite the wax tadpole"

— The product name "Coca-Cola" as originally translated into Chinese.

"Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave"

— An ad slogan "Pepsi Comes Alive" as originally translated into Chinese.

This is why a proper Name Evaluation in the early stages of any project can avoid costly pitfalls. Name Evaluations are far too important to overlook.