Multilingual Label Translation Services

Professional Label Translations

For North America in particular, it's crucial to have your product label or packaging translated into Spanish for Latin America and Canadian French. This will allow you to expand your market share for different native language speakers within the United States and/or North America.

Bilingual or Multilingual Label Translations

Why limit your label to just one language? It's important to be clear and concise when translating label information. We will follow the same exact formatting of your original document for typesetting. This means bold words remain bold, serif fonts remain consistent and the translated label is fully localized to expand your viewing audience.

Label Translations in Multiple Target Languages

We offer a wide variety of target languages to choose from. This includes all European and Latin American languages, and complex languages for typesetting such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Greek, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, Turkish, and many more. These supported languages include, but are not limited to the following:


Chinese (Simplified) French (France) Korean Spanish (Spain)
Chinese (Traditional) German Norwegian Swedish
Czech Greek Polish Tagalog
Danish Hungarian Portuguese (Brazil) Thai
Dutch Indonesian Portuguese (Portugal) Turkish
Finnish Italian Russian Vietnamese
French (Canada) Japanese Spanish (Latin America)  

Single Language vs. Multilingual

Depending on your budget, you can localize your packaging layout for one target country or many on the same layout. We have experience working with multilingual layouts which increase your product's message while preserving the style and quality that you desire. Please contact us for a free quote.

Foreign Language Packaging Examples
Packaging Samples