Multilingual Graphic Design Services

Multilingual Graphic Design

We can also design your graphics project from start to finish. Let our graphic artists design your next project.

In-House Quality

All of the graphics associated with Luna Concepts were created in-house. This includes our name/concept, logo, business cards, sample font sheets, and web site. If you like what you see here, our graphics professionals can assist you on your next project.

Revising Current Projects for Multilingual Use

Graphic Design isn't always creating something from scratch. Our graphics professionals can use our multilingual experience to develop multilingual templates for future use. For example, if you have a single language logo, poster, product carton or packaging layout that you would like converted into two, three, four, even ten languages, let us know. It takes a combination of multilingual experience, the right tools, and graphics fluency to meet your goals.

Foreign Language Packaging Examples
Packaging Samples