FAQ Getting Started

Transferring Files

Can I send you a CD? How about email? With the growing number of ways files can now be transferred, we're sure that you will want to know all of your options. Therefore, we've put together this area to answer your questions whether your sending your files on a CD, or over the net.

Q: Can I Fax files to you?

A: Yes. A hardcopy can be faxed to Luna Concepts at the following fax number: 510.380.6878.

Q: Can I submit files to you on CD?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I Email files to you?

A: Yes. However, for large files over 1MB, transferring files by FTP is recommended. Our email address is: luna@lunaconcepts.com.

Q: Can I Send You Files Over the Internet?

A: Yes. The internet is a fantastic way of transferring data quickly. Files can be transferred to us over the internet via email or FTP. Once again, for larger files, FTP is recommended.

Q: What is FTP?

A: "FTP" stands for File Transfer Protocol. It's a means for transferring files over the internet. FTP uses a client/server based relationship. Users can log into FTP sites to upload and/or download files. Popular FTP Client applications are: Fetch for Macintosh, and FTP Explorer for Windows.